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WSN Projects @ UWA

Wireless Sensor Network research projects currently in progress at the University of Western Australia.

Irrigation Trials with Wireless Sensor Networks

"Comparison trials using different soil moisture measurement sensors and sensor node hardware in soils with irrigation systems"

Hochschule Mannheim,
Centre for Ecohydrology and
School of Computer Science and Software Engineering at
The University of Western Australia

Trial Information and Results

Assessing Salinity Impact with Wireless Sensor Networks

"Using wireless sensor networks for high-resolution acquisition of environmental information required for salinity impact assessment"

Motorola Global Software Group,
CRC for Plant-Based Management of Dryland Salinity,
The University of Western Australia

Project Home Page

Deployment Status
Shenton Park, WA, Aust Decomissioned, April 2007
Whiteman Park, WA, Aust Initial stages, 21 May 2007

Harnessing Wireless Sensor Networks to Advance Plant Physiological Ecology

"Development and testing of a wireless sensor network suited to field experiments in forest ecology and agricultural research"

Project Home Page

Deployment Status
Sonoma County, CA, USA Short term deployment, Aug 2006
Pemberton, WA, Aust Short term deployment, Nov 2006

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